Change Is Coming, and From An Unlikely Source – the Police

Police around the world are starting to lay down their weapons in support

The situation at Standing Rock appears to be going from bad to worse to ugly.  And the police appear to becoming more and more aggressive.  Or so it would seem.  But this week, two of the police offices chose to step down, and turned in their badges as an indication of support of the indigenous water protectors’ movement.  The officers have stated clearly, ‘this is not that they signed up for’.  In fact, the water protectors have been seeing this more – the police officers do not support the actions of the police.

Police at Standing Rock

What a great ‘win’ for those at Standing Rock, and for humanity as a whole.  While the police need to be held accountable for their recent actions, the people at Standing Rock are holding an invitation out to anyone who is willing to open their hearts. It seems that the police there are starting to realize the harm that is being perpetuated against an unarmed and peaceful protest.

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This shift is also being seen in other areas around the world.

Police in Frankfurt

Recently 20,000 people in Frankfurt, Germany were protesting against the dominance of the big banks, and the austerity measures being forced upon many countries in Europe.  It was considered a peaceful march with the aim of occupying Frankfurt’s city center.  The police there must have agreed with the protesters as they ultimately removed their helmets and joined in the march.  As a result, there were no arrests and no violence that day.  Without the use of provocateurs and aggressive tactics to deny their constitutional rights to march, the protesters remained civilized and peaceful.  Those police in Frankfurt demonstrated integrity, morality, and democracy.

Police in Thailand

In Thailand the police were ordered to harass and block a peaceful demonstration, and yet instead, they chose to remove their helmets and put down their barricades as a sign of solidarity and support for those demonstrating.  The demonstrators were protesting against the abuse of power and widespread corruption of the former Prime Minister.  Although there is a new Prime Minister, she is the sister of the former Prime Minister and considered to be his puppet.  This public support by the police is truly a positive move between the protesters and the police.

We are starting to see a change where the local police forces are no longer willing to support what they do not believe is right.  Even though this may jeopardize their own jobs, they are willing to take a stand.  Just as the protesters have been doing.  These actions can give all of us hope for even more changes to come.  Peacefully supporting the people who are saying ‘no more’.


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