Top Local Destinations

    Poza Los Coyotes: The Incredible Place With Turquoise Water in Guanacaste

    Just 30 minutes from Liberia in Guanacaste is “Poza Los Coyotes”, a spectacular place that attracts the eyes of its visitors due to the turquoise color of its waters. If you are looking for a different place to visit,...

    Places In Costa Rica For Great Adventures

    Costa Rica is a country with innumerable special places and not all of them are known by the “Ticos”, that is why from TCRN.

    Secret Destinations in Costa Rica That Will Surprise You

    There is nothing better when traveling to a place than listening to the advice of the natives. Because yes, we receive information through guides, the internet or opinions of other travelers, but it is impossible to visit all the...

    Costa Rica Is the Third Most Desired Destination by World Travelers

    Costa Rica was awarded as the third most desired country by international travelers in the Wanderlust Travel Awards. The country took bronze in the Most Desirable Country (Long Haul) 2021 category. Our country received bronze thanks to the excellent rating...

    Costa Rica Is Designated the Best Tourist Destination Of 2021 in Mexico and Central America

    Costa Rica was designated, days ago, as the best tourist destination in Mexico and Central America. An airport, a destination management company and the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) were also highlighted as the best in the area. This...

    Drake Bay Astrotourism: In The Green Heart Of Costa Rica

    It is the entrance to the Corcovado National Park, a natural paradise and one of the most intense places to do astrotourism in Costa Rica

    El Rey Waterfall: Unique Palace of Rocks and Water for Hikers

    Located in the indigenous area of Zapatón in Puriscal, there is a natural palace molded by thousands of years; it is the El Rey Waterfall, a hiking paradise in Costa Rica. This is a waterfall of over 140 meters...

    Wellness Tourism in Costa Rica Is the Vacation Experience Most Requested by Foreign Visitors

    Travelers in this segment invest up to 130% more in accommodation according to the Global Wellness Institute place

    Costa Rica is positioned as the Thermal Capital of the Region

    On October 1st, 2021, the Municipality of San Carlos with the support of the Chamber of Tourism and Commerce declared La Fortuna as "The Thermal Capital of Costa Rica." With this milestone, they manage to position the town as...

    5 Almost Unknown Destinations for Vacationing In Costa Rica

    Do not waste a single day off sitting at home or at work when you could spend your time in a place like Costa Rica. But when you come, you do not have to visit the same places as...
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    Carbonated Water and Organic Matter Found on Asteroid ‘Ryugu’

    The team that has investigated the samples of the remote asteroid Ryugu found carbonated water with salts and organic matter inside
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