Costa Rica Retirement: Critical Issue – Golf!

Which areas of the country would you recommend in terms of lower cost, access to medical facilities, and golf! Are there jobs (part-time) for older people like me?

Costa Rica receives positive economic ratings

Fitch Ratings, an international economic ratings service, has given Costa Rica a thumbs up for its financial climate.

Costa Rica Retirement: You Have Questions? We Have Answers!

With the extensive coverage in of retirement, residency processes and other aspects of expat life in Costa Rica, this weekly publication has developed a loyal following of readers interested in getting questions answered before making the big move to retire here.
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How Foreigners Buy Real Estate in Costa Rica

Costa Rica lacks a central database of real estate listings, such as the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) in the United States and Canada. While Costa Ricans find out about property for sale by word of mouth, most foreigners find property listings by using an Internet search engine or by contacting a local real estate agent.

What is Blue Tooth Marketing?

Bluetooth marketing is the ability to send short messages, images and applications to mobile phones, PDA, and PocketPCs over a distance of 100m without any additional costs.

Live and Work in Spain, Guaranteed Monthly Salary

Spain is currently undergoing a huge recruitment process for foreign unskilled and skilled professionals alike to come live and work in Spain for a guaranteed monthly salary. There are no language requirements and after two years, permanent residency can be applied for.

Costa Rica’s government cuts public spending to reduce economic imbalance

The government of Costa Rica has announced certain measures to deal with the increase in government spending in order to improve the public financial state.
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Retirement in Costa Rica: You’re Not In Kansas Anymore!

Although Costa Rica is far more “Westernized” than many other Central or South American locales, it still offers exasperating surprises for expats.

Costa Rica: Life Is Just a Bowl of Mangos

When friends in the United States ask us about our life in Costa Rica, they often ask: “What do you do there? Aren’t you bored? How do you spend your time?”

Live in Costa Rica: Where the weather suits your clothes

Unless you love snow and ice or the dramatic variation of four seasons, there is bound to be a Costa Rican region that will feel like paradise to you.
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