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    Why Are There Almost No Statues Of Women In Costa Rica?

    Why are there almost no statues of women in Costa Rica? With this question, the makeup company Flormar launches its campaign “La base de la equidad” (The foundation for equality), on the occasion of International Women's Day this March...

    Project in Costa Rica Seeks to Allow Workers Who Care for Sick Relatives Reduce Working Hours

    A bill promoted by the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) of Costa Rica proposes granting workers the right to request a reduction

    Costa Rican Vice Minister of Peace on Legalizing Marijuana: “I Think the Time Is Right”

    The Vice Ministry of Peace considers that the repressive measures that the country has taken to combat the use of marijuana have

    Increase in the Transaction Limit Via SINPE Móvil Goes Into Effect by the “Banco Nacional” of Costa Rica

    If you are one of the people who frequently uses the SINPE Móvil payment method, this information might interest you, since Banco Nacional

    Spanish Tourism Increases More Than 34% in Costa Rica in 2022

    But, above all, the Ministry of Tourism is committed to a new National Tourism Plan, with great objectives for the growth and improvement

    Costa Rican Cyclists Who Disrespect Traffic Laws Will Receive Fines

    Cyclists in Costa Rica may receive a fine on their identity card for disrespecting the traffic law during their journey.

    Law Proposal to Promote Recreational Marijuana in Costa Rica Will be Modified

    There is division regarding the proposed Law promoted by the President of Costa Rica, Rodrigo Chaves, where the ICT will be forced to promote the country as a destination for smoking marijuana, but criticism and disagreements are increasing more and more...

    In Costa Rica, “We Want to Continue Offering New Products around Ecotourism”

    The Market Director of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT), Carolina Trejos, points out that Costa Rica has tourism that is respectful

    Garabito Joins an Initiative that Seeks Transferring Holidays to Long Weekends

    The Chamber of Tourism and Sustainable Commerce of the Central Pacific (CATUCOSO) expresses its opposition to the legislative initiative

    André Barquero, the Tico Champion of Mixed Martial Arts Heading to UFC

    Costa Rica has athletes with incredible courage and perseverance, all of them promise success leaving the name of the country high, we must not forget them, rather make them known...
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