Muriel Lowis is 21 years and her partner David Cruz, 23. They became the youngest couple to win the first place in the World Salsa Open this year. They were the Pro Couples’ winners in one of the toughest salsa competitions in the world.

They competed  in the 21st World Salsa Open edition in Puerto Rico against other 7 couples winning the last round: improvisation.

“When the host called the third and the second place winners, it was really gratifying to us because of all the effort we have made throughout the years but honestly, winning the award caught us by surprise” – David said.

Puerto Rico and Colombia were second and third respectively.

“It was a surprise for me. We knew we were very tough contenders but we didn’t expect to win the contest. For me, with this, I have made my dream true. I worked a lot to realize it” – Lowis said.

According to David, he affirms that he was born a salsa dancer but Muriel’s case is different. When she was a kid, she couldn’t dance salsa because she thought dancing was only for adults. However, her mom, uncle and stepfather changed her mind.

Everything started 6 years ago when they got together for dancing. They have been taking part in many salsa competitions since then. They had been preparing for the World Salsa Open during a year.

Today, they are the best salsa dancers in the world and they are now preparing for the next World Salsa Open 2018. For this edition, they won’t have to pay for accommodation or anything since they will have all the expenses covered by the organization. But prior to this, they will be participating in the elite category competition in Cali, Colombia next month.

Play the video and look at that splendid performance.

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