As In All Countries around the World, Costa Rica Also Has Its Share of Pandemic Deniers

A group of citizens demonstrated outside the Presidential House, they assure that the COVID-19 Pandemic is a hoax and that it is all a government conspiracy, even though several of them wore masks.

The protesters made live broadcasts from a Facebook page called “Defend Costa Rica”. “There is no Pandemic, all this is a pure terror to keep people kidnapped in their homes; stop fooling yourself, investigate, everything is a set-up,” said one of the participants in the movement, whose last name is Morris.

“Those of us simple citizens, ask, in four months 31 dead, Mr. President, explain to us, what Pandemic? “If there are 30 dead, and some of the doubtful, I do not think they are all related to the disease”, said the protesters. They added, think for yourself, with your intelligence,  not what you here in the news, not what the Government tells you, what Pandemic? There are 31 dead in 4 months; we are talking about 120 days 30 dead, what Pandemic? It certainly seems false”.

Also, the protesters questioned the specialty of Epidemiology held by the Minister of Health, Daniel Salas. “Mr. Minister, tell me if you are an epidemiologist or a veterinarian because we are being treated like farm animals, putting us in the stables, sending us home punished,” they said.

While another of the assistants cried out: “Wake up Costa Rica, there still is time to act before we end up like Venezuela. You are giving up your freedom that your ancestors gained at a heavy cost, wake up before it’s too late and you have to spend 20 hours in a brutal line to be fed, like in Venezuela, when will you understand?”

“They tell us to wait for a vaccine to supposedly save our lives when what they probably will accomplish with this is get us sicker. Apart from Ticos, there were Colombians, Cubans, and Salvadorans, as part of this peaceful demonstration and clarified that they do not belong to any political group or union.

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