Antivaccine Citizens in Costa Rica Organize to Protest Friday in Front of The Ministry of Health

    "This fight is for the awakened, for patriot women and not sheep," says the Movement for Health and Freedom

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    Through social networks, opponents of the mandatory nature of the Covid-19 vaccine launched a call for a protest this Weekend in San José. Participants indicate that the march will begin in front of the Ombudsman’s Office and will culminate in the Ministry of Health.

    The protest is organized by the Movement for Health and Freedom. “This fight is for awakened ones, for patriots and not sheep,” said the group. Among the comments of the movement’s publications, part of the people criticize this type of convocation while the supporters reiterate that the mandatory nature of the vaccine is a clear violation of human rights.

    Threatening freedom

    “People have to understand that it is not just the issue of the vaccine, which no longer has the function of immunizing, it is that soon there will be all the other impositions that threaten our freedom. Everything they have wanted to impose, we have endured.

    Corruption everywhere and there they continue, taxes that suffocate and nobody opposes, at least not enough. Those of us who have children do not want to expose them without being sure that they will not harm them. But that’s how it will be, the next laboratory mice will be our children. Once in a lifetime we have to assert our rights” they say.

    Enough of abuses

    “It is time to raise your hand, we must stop being diminished servants, enough of being domesticated, we must feel that they listen to us and enough of the abuses. This Defenders de the Inhabitants are in favor of the people not the filibusters treacherous of the homeland”, is another of their comments.

    “To request that all this be eliminated, there is not much to discuss. We know that everything is running over many national and international rights and guidelines. We are going to demand that the ombudsman eliminate all this rubbish that they want to impose on us,” they add.

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