True Health and How Little We Know about the Ecosystems in and Around Us

Eric Baudry

Putting aside for a moment the terabytes of sophisticated messages coming from politics and the media and industry for a moment, how well does it feel to sit back for a second and relax. Taking into account for a while the true sources of health and prosperity, independent of hype and bias and profit motivation.

Ahhhh, my God, how good it feels! I love when I remember doing that. Momentarily removed from the enchanting union, I can feel the stress in my body, feel the need for my mind to rest, and feel the calming wisdom of the plants and animals around me, and enjoy the small adjustments in my breathing and posture. This rare moment of presence.

We can always pay attention to the propaganda again later, it is going nowhere.

There are so many great narratives going around these days, being pushed down our throats by vast budgets using near-perfected Machiavellian / Bernaysian methodologies: conventional nonsense, alternative reaction, profit from industry, political control, countries trying to ‘win’, and ideological worldview about good and evil, but as we all focus on ′ ′ out there what is not being talked about?

Is 2020 simply the year of great chaos and death and disease that we are told to create? We should then simply put our trust in politicians and pharmaceutical companies to protect us from all the supposed forces that are coming for us, accepting all their crazy measures to make us feel that they are helping, make us feel that someone will save us?

What would we see, and what could we think, if 2020 were message-free?

The greatest acceleration of human consciousness and evolution is upon us!

That observation excites you and inclines you to see what is possible? Or more cautious, holding on until it seems safer to grow into your next self? Both are understandable responses to the exponential changes that surround us right now and a world full of challenges. To benefit from the superpowers of ‘Know Yourself’ it is helpful to take a quiet moment and check in with your body to see if you are more excited or scared, and if you are scared, sit gently and curiously with that feeling until you can Name it.

One of the great gifts of the bullshit that 2020 has been, is how much it has led so many people to focus on improving their health, reconnecting with family, and building more local connections and endurance.

Another surprising thing to witness has been how much nature and wildlife have thrived the most this year, benefiting from the lesser impact of unsustainable human consumption by taking a little time off from their race to the collapse of the ecosystem.

A third encouraging force to watch has been the massive increase in people becoming aware of the bottleneck that the media and big business and politicians have in our minds and understanding of where true personal and ecological health and prosperity comes from. Increasing awareness that the food industry benefits from selling more calories to more people and not from helping people affordably and easily find the healthiest food. More awareness that the pharmaceutical industry is a sick care system, not a health care system, and despite the incredible advances in medicine in recent decades, the vast majority of messages coming from industry and academia are deeply biased, methodologically flawed, corrupted from profit motives, and perpetuating a limited and degenerative worldview of how individuals can experience peak health.

Tried a little experiment this year, which was an eye-opener. Like many of you, I have consumed too much media this year, on several topics such as health and politics. At first, I did this extensively, getting as broad a view as possible, from everywhere, seeking to understand the perspectives of others from their mouths rather than relying on journalists or ′ ′ new ′ ′ who invariably filter and distort based on their own. Prejudice and profit motives and corporate affiliations. That took a few months, and honestly, it hurt quite a bit, as as a sensitive person I was repeatedly sickened by the corrosive and degenerative and corrupt perspectives shared by the primary sources as they fought for control of my worldview. But that was the cost necessary to develop as precisely as possible a sense for what is happening in 2020, and what organizations and agendas are active these days in guiding society and the economy towards their vision of what is best for them. Humanity in the future decade. (Quickly recognize that your concept of ′ ′ best ′ ′ overlaps only minimally with what is in the best interests of people and human and ecological health.)

Once sufficiently updated on the propaganda tools and objectives of this decade, then I applied a strict filter on the sources with which I have committed for the next phase, listening only to the experts, and only to those who did not have a clear motive. of benefit or personal gain or systemic bias to what they are saying. I hope you are not too surprised, but concerned enough, that after applying these strict filters to the various entities fighting for my mind, there was almost nothing left.

It’s not that the experts and channels I removed weren’t uneducated, it’s that they were deeply biased, either by revolving doors between industry and government, or by funding conflicts of interest, or simply being so entrenched in what they have been wrongly teaching people For so long that their cognitive dissonance does not allow them to accept new ways of coping with complex situations.

Medicine and science are incredible tools and technologies, offering humanity so many improvements in our quality of life, and the promise of many more to come. However, it is clear that one of the many weaknesses of our economic system results in much of the current medical system and scientific research being deeply biased, and ultimately damaging the very foundation of the health and quality of life they seek to improve.

I have humbly seen this before, in my own life. In the same way that when I used to consult oil companies and banks, ‘industry leaders’, helping them destroy the planet more efficiently while kicking myself in the back for a job well done, based on my bias focused on Gains understanding of the systems he was supporting resulting from formative years in school like winning under capitalism. Sometimes we finally wake up with the need to see the world differently, and that makes all the difference.

For me, Daniel Quinn’s book ‘Ishmael’ was what opened my eyes to how the culture he was a part of, the worldview he was helping to conquer the planet, was just one way of looking at the world and understand my places on it. The years that continued to read that book were the hardest years I have ever experienced, as I was forced to reevaluate all the options I had made up to that point. At last, I am clear about my values, and understanding that if I continued down that path I would be leading the assault on people and animals and the biodiversity that I love so much.

So I left my Silicon Valley executive path and all the wealth and success that came with it. I divorced my wife, who needed the security of the systems that we had been trained to support and live off of. I gave her my half of our mansion because I still loved her and wanted her to feel as safe as she could in a terrifying world and that I was leaving her alone to navigate. I sold a sports car and all the fancy things. I lost almost all the friends and colleagues I had ever known, almost all of them thought I was crazy (fair enough), and all of them feeling varying levels of challenge and personal responsibility as they witnessed the implosion of someone who had been given everything in the world. life-giving it all back.

I spent the next 5 years ‘in a cave’, sickening my psychological wounds, wasting the decade of propaganda and sophisticated techniques that I had embodied to systematically turn nature into money. There was much more to unlearn than to learn, as living a quality life is quite simple once you do away with decades of uninformed training and cultural indoctrination.

I chose that painful and deeply inconvenient path because I could not imagine continuing a life in which my efforts and contribution to the world were so corrosive to what mattered to me. My economic decisions, misinformed by a mechanical perspective based on world control, were corrosive to my health, corrosive to my environment, corrosive to the planet, and it was no longer acceptable to personally benefit from the pain I was causing other life forms. and future people and the natural gifts that we are very fortunate to experience in this short life.

2020 reminds me very much of that time in my life when I caused my little voluntary pandemic of the mind. Recalling the deliberate reorganization of the pieces of my life that lead to transformation in recent decades, to now living the life of my dreams in rural Costa Rica daily, building a more regenerative and ecologically integrated economy that supports environmental quality and prosperity  human.

Like Daniel Quinn for culture, the clarity and ecological understanding that Zach Bush (triple MD) brings to new perspectives on health is another such powerful catalyst. If you feel willing to question 99% of what you’ve heard this year, and potentially grow into someone you weren’t willing to be, I promise you the greatest adventure of your life:

Zach Bush MD: Conocimiento – The Virome

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