5 Tips for a Budget-Friendly Honeymoon

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    You will remember your honeymoon for the rest of your life. Don’t spend eternity paying for it. Follow these five tips.

    After the wedding, most newlywed couples opt for a romantic vacation where they can both spend quality time with their partner and celebrate their new marriage. As the wedding itself is quite a costly affair, usually there is not much time nor money left for planning the honeymoon.

    Don’t let a tight budget keep you from the holiday experience you’ve always dreamed of. Below are some of the best tips for a budget-friendly honeymoon that’s still swoon-worthy.

    1. Make a Honeymoon Registry Website

    It is a tradition to sign-up for a registry or two when you are getting ready for marriage, but did you know there are some registries dedicated just to the honeymoon trip? Sites such as Honey Fund, Wanderable and Honeymoon Wishes give your wedding guests a chance to contribute towards a specific part of your honeymoon. This may include the costs for having a romantic candlelit dinner at a posh restaurant or the fees to embark on an exciting adventure tour. Either way, a significant portion of your trip can be paid for by the wedding guests.

    2. Go All In(clusive)

    Before settling for the cheapest package you can find, consider looking for all-inclusive packages that cover your meals and drinks along with other relevant costs. Not only could this option potentially save you money in the long-run, it will also ensure a stress-free trip. There are a number of companies who provide discounts and voucher codes online for honeymoon destinations all over the world. Both Groupon and Living Social are known to have package deals that even include airfare.

    3. Fly right

    Majority of the people book their flights at the most convenient departure times—not to mention booking times. If the budget’s not flexible, however, you might have to be. Do your research. Late night flights can save you big bucks, but so can booking at the right time! Check out TCRN’s guide to Making Air Travel Cheaper and More Enjoyable.

    4. Look for Off-Season Deals

    Time your trip at the right moment, and you will surely catch some big savings on your trip. With proper research, you may find when the region has favorable weather conditions, helping you to enjoy your trip to the fullest (the most bang for your buck). On the other hand, you may also discover a country’s green season prices are almost half off their peak season prices.

    5. Choose a “Long Weekend” Destination

    To save time and money, stay close to home. Days can be lost in the airport when you travel internationally, stressful days on which you have to use vacation time. Look for local gems and embrace the “staycation.” A quick search on Trip Advisor proves that anywhere can be memorable vacation, especially if you’re with the one you love.

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