5 Things To Do In Costa Rica

Endowed with beautiful rugged shores, turquoise waters and steaming volcanoes, Costa Rica is a haven for travelers. This Central American nation officially called the Republic of Costa Rica, is home to a wide array of things tourists would like to see and experience. Its capital, San Jose, is a place to be if you want a fill for some historical destination.

The country receives an average of over 1.7 million tourists a year, with tourism industry contributing to 7 percent of its GDP. There is just too much to do in this Latin country so lets highlight five of them.

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Eco Tourism

Around 80 percent of tourists in the country involved themselves in eco-tourism activities. It is known as one of the key activities in the country and has become the poster child for their tourism sector as early as the 1990s. Over 30% of the nation’s territory is marked as conservation areas following the establishment of Cabo Blanco National Reserve – there first national park. 

The country is both interoceanic and intercontinental, meaning it is bordered by two bodies of water and two continents. Due to their unique geographical location, Costa Rica has the highest density of both animal and plant species on the planet. If you are out and about in this country, make sure the spots you visit have five leaves in the rating system. This ensures that your destination is approved by CST or Certification For Sustainable Tourism program by the government.

Explore Volcanoes

Volcanoes are both majestic, powerful and beautiful and there is an abundance of them in Costa Rica. One of the popular is the Arenal Volcano. It offers a magnificent view around its area and offers activities such as hiking and trekking along the lava flow of its 1968 eruption. Don’t worry, it has been peaceful for quite some time since 2010 so go ahead and take a dip on several hot springs open around it.

Medical Tourism

This might be quite different for traveling, but Costa Rica is one of the esteemed countries known for its medical tourism. A good percentage of their medical professionals are trained and educated in the US, so the service they provides are of top caliber. The only difference is that getting medical service in this country can cut down your expense by up to 65%.

They have a good reputation in the fields of eye surgery, cancer therapy and weight loss surgery. But if infertility is your area of concern, they’ve only recently reversed a ban on IVF (in vitro fertilization) and had their first baby born through the procedure in March 2017, so you might want to stick to the US which holds a respectable IVF success rate of around 30 percent.


Costa Rica is sandwiched by two bodies of water, and you can snorkel around both of them. The Pacific Coast is home to low coral reefs and stony coral species, while the Caribbean sea lets you witness a wide array of aquatic species amidst the teeming colorful corals.


The Pacific Coast of Costa Rica is the place to get your dose of surfing thrill. From beginners to pros, the coast is laden with spots perfect for any surfing skills you have. Make sure to check out waves in Pavones, Playa Tamarindo, Playa Negra, and Playa Hermosa. Locals living near the coastline are more than prepared in case you need to rent a surfboard or a surfing lesson.

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