Shortly after 3 am last night, many residency of Alajuela south and west were awakened by a 4.6 Earthquake in Vara Blanca. There was no damage and no one was hurt.

The quake was felt throughout the Central Valley.

The area has been very active lately with six recorded earthquakes in the Vara Blanca region in the later part of March. The 4.6 was the strongest in this cluster.

Costa Rica’s unique geography makes it a very seismically interesting area of study. Costa Rica is located along the western edge of the Caribbean Plate. Two other plates connect to the Caribbean Plate just off the western coast of Costa Rica; these two plates are the Coco Plate and the Nazca Plate. Not only does Costa Rica sit at the edges of three tectonic plates, the crust thickness in Costa Rica is one of the thinnest on the planet, making this small country a point of interest for seismic research.