3 Ways to Fight the Frizz When in Costa Rica

Those who have spent a significant amount of time in Costa Rica in either June, July, November or December will know full well just how humid things can get. Although some parts of the country are worse than others, anyone with long hair will have to contend with frizz and dryness when the humidity ramps up. So, what are you supposed to do? Wear a hat all day? There are other methods that you might actually prefer. Spend more time enjoying the weather, and less time worrying about your hair! Read on to discover some great tips for battling frizz when in Costa Rica.

Use anti-frizz products

This is perhaps the simplest and easiest option, because these sprays and serums are designed to control frizz and make your look sleek and smooth. Most of these products are lightweight and don’t feel greasy. If you apply the products to wet hair, you’ll have the best chance to start and finish the day with minimal to zero frizz. Try reapplying if you go swimming or take another shower. It’s also recommended to use a straightening iron after blow-drying your hair, as this helps to keep the hair flatter throughout a day in the sun. Some people also swear by coconut oil or whipped shea butter in order to fight the frizz.

Wear it up more often

If you have the length, try as much as possible to wear your hair up. Those with naturally wavy hair will be more prone to frizz, but tying your hair back using some fashionable ponytail hairstyles, braids, or a cute top knot, helps to keep your hair controlled and those flyaway in place. Play around with some different styles to pull your hair up, and find one that works for you. Braiding your hair before sleeping and using a silk pillowcase will reduce friction during the night.

Switch up your shampoo

Look online or ask in a drugstore for shampoos and conditioners that help to smooth hair and keep it moisturized. Leave-in treatments are also a great idea for maintaining your hair while on the go. Try to use a microfiber towel after a shower and pat your hair gently, as rubbing vigorously only contributes to getting more tangles and frizz. Don’t over wash, as this can dry out your hair, strip away oils, and increase frizz. Consider blasting your hair with cold water before you get out of the shower, too, as this often helps hair stay flat.

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