14 Tico Women Were Declared “Benefactors of the Fatherland

    Such a statement was given to women for their fundamental contributions in science, politics, poetry, art and the environment

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    The fundamental contributions of 14 Costa Rican women in fields such as science, politics, poetry, art and the environment made them “Benefactors of the Fatherland”. This was decided by the National Legislative Assembly in an extraordinary session, where the declaration was given to:

    • Yolanda Oreamuno

    • Anna Gabriela Ross

    • María Teresa Obregón

    • Ana Rosa Chacón

    • Luisa González

    • Mireya Barboza

    • Olga Espinach

    • Pacifica Fernández

    • Virginia Grütter

    • Estela Quesada

    • Adelaida Chaverri

    • Manuela Tattenbach

    • Carmen Naranjo

    • Emilia Prieto

    Out of the total benemerits, 4 were proposed by the National Liberation Fraction (PLN): that of the first 3 deputies Obregón, Quesada and Chacón, and that of Ross, promoter of public health.

    “These honors were awarded thanks to the will of the different political forces, as well as a reform in the Legislative Assembly Regulations that from now on does not establish a limit to the amount of benefactions granted to women, until they are equal to the number granted to men”, explained the President of the Congress, the liberationist Silvia Hernández.

    Closing the gap

    Laura Guido, head of the ruling party, commented: “The recognition of these women and their contributions denotes the capacity that this Legislative Assembly has had to put the issue on the wall, to close the gaps that have prevailed on this issue. There are many more benefactions to institutions and buildings than to women”. This type of recognitions have been made mostly to men.

    The deputy of the National Integration Party (PIN), Patricia Villegas, stressed that this declaration is an honor that is given by the Legislative Power to the memory of the people whose eminent actions would have earned them these distinctions.

    “In 1849, the first benevolence was approved for one of the founders and twice president of the Republic, José María Castro Madriz, and it would not be until 125 years later that a woman recieved this honor, Emilia Solórzano Alfaro”, add Villegas.

    The intention is to reduce the historical gap in conferring this type of recognition, because out of the 75 declarations until last Wednesday, only 4 belong to women.

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