10 Steps How to Help Your Addicted Husband Quit

An addict is a huge burden for a family since every member is faced with the severity of the drug addiction consequences. Passion, wine, fears, anxiety, anger, and disappointment are daily feelings of family members who are worried that their favorite husband /father is a drug addict.

All families experience conflicting feelings: anger is replaced by pity, love, and a desire to help. Before searching rehab for men’s information on AddictionResource, try to find a common language with your husband. There are some steps that can help you come along with a loved one.

A very beginning

Find out all the facts about addiction, a specific type of drug used by your husband.

Addiction thrives in ignorance. You can effectively respond to its symptoms only after understanding the signs, consequences, characteristics, and dynamics of addiction development.

When you understand, the problem is not about you, it is easier to fight the addiction of a family member. This understanding will help to overcome guilt and shame for yourself. It is also important to consult with specialists. They will inspire confidence that this fight can be defeated and help you avoid loneliness in the fight against your husband’s drug addiction.

Stop providing financial support to your husband

An addict always needs money, so he may start looking for financial support, which can be provided in various ways.

Sometimes such an absurd situation happens – a compassionate wife gives money to her husband since it is terrifying to look at the suffering of a loved one. It only prolongs the effects of drug addiction.

Many drug addicts agreed to treatment because they could not find the money to buy the next dose. Finally, they need to ask for help.

Do not hesitate with the treatment

Once you are sure that your husband takes drugs, you need to start treatment as soon as possible. The sooner he gets help, the greater the likelihood of a full recovery is. Having treatment started, a person is more likely to escape the fate of a drug addict.

If you find signs of addiction, remember you can always find help available. Men drug rehab facilities offer specialized treatment programs and methods of treating drug addiction.

Talk to your husband

The fight against drug addiction is about providing him with professional medical care. You need to explain that drug addiction is a disease whose consequences affect his health and life. Use the appropriate time, for example, when alone with him and free from distractions, when no one will interrupt your conversation. Try not raising your voice and talk without accusations.

Usually, when a person is adequate, he responds better to your concern, compassion, than to screaming or anger. Talk about the specific consequences of male addiction, what it will turn out for him and your family. If he is receptive to your questions, ask him about his willingness to seek professional help. You can offer him to look for men-only rehab programs.

It is important to remember that:

1) A drug addict can refuse to start this conversation. Then leave it until the next time, not provoking a negative reaction. It’s always better to talk with loved ones, relatives about planning for a compulsory medical intervention.

2) Drug addiction is not treated at home.

Forced drug addiction treatment

When a husband does not respond to the care of family and friends, you should intervene.

Intervention is a planned process that is performed in consultation with a doctor by family and friends. It sometimes includes lawyers and other professionals who care about a person in the fight against drug addiction. Addicts often refuse to admit their disastrous situation; therefore they refuse to seek medical help. The medical intervention allows family members to change something before it gets worse.

Intervention should take place somewhere your husband feels relatively safe. Do not try to block the door if he refuses to undergo voluntary treatment. Before the intervention, it is better to consult a narcologist or psychotherapist.

How to treat your husband

Do not try to understand him or look for the guilty ones. Addiction is a disease. Stop blaming yourself for all the troubles. It’s easier to make yourself guilty (overlooked, missed), but it will not help your husband. Finding the cause or blame ends with a focus on abstract goals.

Talk to your husband. Listen carefully to what he says about the causes of drug use, drugs, or his feelings. It must be done even if the husband is telling something painful. He needs to know you are thinking of how to help him recover from drug addiction and start men’s rehabilitation.

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