Third Month of the “Bono Proteger” Begins to be Paid

The Ministry of Labor and Social Security and the Mixed Institute of Social Aid, IMAS, began with the payment of the third month for the beneficiaries of the “Bono Proteger” (Protect Bond). This payment is given after the completion of the deposits of the second month for a total of 523,957 beneficiaries.

In total, it is an investment of more than 127 billion colones drawn by the National Emergency Commission, IMAS and the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, for a total of 1,575,000 deposits between the first and second month.
The Minister of Labor, Geannina Dinarte Romero highlighted that, “the institution is pleased to report that we have concluded with the full deposit of the second month for more than half a million beneficiaries. Likewise, thanks to the joint effort of IMAS, the National Emergency Commission, the Ministry of Labor, and the Ministry of Finance, we have started with the payment of the third month”.

“During the last three months, the country and its institutions have focused on guaranteeing the health and relief of people with an occupational impact in the context of this emergency. The start of this third payment, and the request for resources that will be presented to the Legislative Assembly in the coming days, leads us to prepare now to serve with a higher priority the people who have applied for the Bono Proteger, but are still awaiting a final resolution of their cases”, the Minister added.
It is highlighted the fact that thanks to the Proteger platform, 180,000 people have benefited from the banking system for the first time. These people, before the start of the Pandemic, did not have bank accounts, and now it was possible thanks to the possibility offered by the Bond and the collaboration of “Banco Popular”.

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