These are the Financial Support Measures Created by CCSS for Overcoming the COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis

The financial measures adopted by the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) have been re-adjusted for allowing an expansion in its protection and support, during the following months of the year, for employers, independent workers, and insured volunteers, this to face the national emergency caused by COVID-19.

The measures include expanding the reduction in the minimum tax base, as well as transitional measures to the regulation that regulates the formalization of payment agreements for debts of employers and independent workers with the Fund and in the matter of collection management.

— On the minimum tax base, it was agreed until July 31st:

Employers: maintain a reduction of 75% of the minimum tax base.

Independent workers (individual and collective) and voluntary insured: reduce the minimum tax base by 25% of the value that was in February 2020.

— Collections agreements extended until December 31st:

The decrease in interest rate (basic passive rate plus one percentage point).

Extension of the maximum terms of formalization.

The decrease in initial payments for payment agreements with independent workers.

Extension of the term of completion of the payment agreements.

Inclusion of formalization expenses in payment agreements (debts less than ¢ 1 million).

Expansion in payment agreements, modality paid only interest.

Decrease of the amount to be amortized to readjust payment agreements.

The decrease in the percentage of fiduciary guarantee coverage.

— Extended until September 30th, 2020:

The suspension of collection procedures, only for debts that originated from February to September 2020.

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