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    Guanacaste Airport Opens New Laboratory Service for COVID-19 Tests

    Guanacaste Airport - a member of the VINCI Airports network - launched the antigenic testing service for the detection of COVID-19, thanks to an...

    38 Social Security Centers in Costa Rica Apply Rapid Tests to Detect ...

    The Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) implemented the mixed use of molecular and antigen tests - also known as rapid tests - for...

    It Is Now Possible to Obtain Fast Antigen Tests Against COVID-19 in Costa Rica

    If the test is positive, it will be considered confirmatory of COVID-19 and the notification must be made to the Ministry of Health

    COVID-19 Cases Fall In Costa Rica As More Tests Are Carried Out

    While other countries suffer serious increases in their rates of COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths, Costa Rica meets three consecutive weeks with these indicators...

    Tests made by the University of Costa Rica to detect COVID-19 in Saliva

    The work of more than 20 experts from the University of Costa Rica (UCR) to have more agile and cheaper tests of COVID-19 advanced this week to its next phase.
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