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    The Hidden Benefits for Your Brain of Learning a New Skill

    Fiona is learning Japanese. To do this, she uses an app for about 20 minutes each day. "It is difficult... but satisfying", she says....
    Online Masters in Nursing The Basics

    Online Masters in Nursing: The Basics

    Becoming a nurse is a rigorous and demanding challenge, but it can help you enter a very rewarding profession in which you can help a huge number of people.

    What are the Skills and Mindsets for the Leaders of the Future?

    When we hear the word water, an image immediately comes to mind, we know what we are talking about. The same does not happen...
    Teachings for the Smallest of the House

    Early Emotional Development in Children

    The child observes his surroundings and is comparing, classifying and analyzing. Thus he progressively establishes relationships and categories (high-low, big-small, many-few)
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