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    Costa Rican Company Manages Permission to Market Medicinal Cannabis Products

    The company Vertical CR processes, before the Ministry of Health, the permission to be able to commercialize medicinal cannabis products in the country. Since...

    Plan to Legalize Use of Marijuana Will Be Studied by Bench Chiefs

    The initiative that proposes to legalize the essential oils of the Marijuana plant for medicinal purposes in Costa Rica will be analyzed by the...

    A Project Proposes Legalizing Essential Oils of Marijuana for Medical Purposes in Costa Rica

    An initiative proposes to legalize the essential oils of the marijuana plant for medicinal purposes in Costa Rica. This is the draft Law on...

    The Costa Rican Banking System Will Migrate Completely to “Chip” and “Contactless Payment” Technologies

    The Regulation of the Payment System approved by the board of directors of the Central Bank of Costa Rica (BCCR), 3 years ago, established...
    Costa Ricans love their national flag since their childhood.

    National Elections: Both Alvarados Will Attend The 2nd Round

    After a quiet election day in which the ticos demonstrated their great civility and their love for democracy only 2 of the 13 candidates...
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