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    A Traffic Situation in Costa Rica Began with a Bribery Detention and Ended in...

    In life, many people during their journey carry with them a phrase referring to the fact that...

    Costa Rica Is One of The Most Beautiful Countries in The World

    Each country is recognized for its culture, its customs, and its traditions but also for its great natural beauty, its flora, its fauna and everything that this involves
    used vehicles in costa rica

    All You Need To Know When Buying an Used Car in Costa Rica

    Every used vehicle to be sold in our country must have an implied warranty that indicates that it is suitable for normal driving use, this means that the vehicle must be free of major mechanical failures, be reasonably safe and of average quality with similar vehicles available for sale

    Two Kinds of Listening

    This past week I had a four-way ‘skype dialogue’ with three fellows—two on the other side of the pond, in England and Ireland, and...
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