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    Personalized Medicine Prevents Pancreatic Cancer

    The diagnosis of cancer is no longer a short-term death sentence; at least, it is not in some tumors. The survival in breast neoplasms...

    Skin Cancer: How to Prevent It

    If each of us did a monthly self-check, those killed by melanoma (skin cancer) would be reduced by 60%. We do not want to...

    The Humble Turmeric Is Much More Than It Seems

    The common spice, turmeric, has been used in Indian medicine for thousands of years, while western medicine is just beginning to recognize its many...

    FDA approves new life-extending drug for the treatment of melanoma

    Yervoy is the first melanoma drug to receive FDA approval in 13 years, and is proven to extend overall survival and improve the quality of life for advanced stage melanoma patients and those with metastasis.

    Daily use of sunscreen prevents melanoma

    A new study proves that melanoma can be prevented by daily use of sunscreen. What type of sunblocks should you use and are they available in Costa Rica?

    Avoid Tanning Beds And Use Sun Block To Prevent Skin Cancer

    Featured Columnist – Health Ileana Alfaro Certified Dermatologist With thousands of new cases diagnosed annually and increasing numbers daily, skin cancer is the most common cancer in...
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