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    Outdoor and isolated meditation

    Wellness Psilocybin In Altered States Of Consciousness

    Magic mushrooms are known as a type of mushroom whose consumption produces hallucinogenic effects. Its development is aerial

    Medical Benefits of Magic Mushrooms

    Psilocybin, a compound contained in magic mushrooms, has healing properties already exploited by ancient cultures. Now scientists, despite legal obstacles, are testing it to...

    Magic Mushrooms Can Reset the Brain

    A substance called psilocybin (also known as 4-PO-DMT) present in hallucinogenic mushrooms could soon be added to the list of current drugs to treat depression

    Where Do Magic Mushrooms Grow?

    Mushroom hunting is an ancient practice. Even today in urban areas people are often seen searching for these select edibles. Being able to recognize...

    “Magic Mushrooms”: Psychedelic Effects To Treat Mental Health?

    For thousands of years, the fungi kingdom has given its wonderful diversity. Whether to provide food, medicine, deadly poisons, or psychotropic drugs, the small,...

    Study Found Magic Mushrooms as a Promising Treatment for Depression

    In an initial clinical trial, scientists at Imperial College London tested a hallucinogenic compound in mushrooms, which showed good results in reducing the severity...
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