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    Costa Rica’s Future: One Step Away from the Threshold

    An ambitious National Decarbonization Plan, the 71st anniversary of the Abolition of the Army, or the 4th best position among Latin American countries in the PISA report

    Ministry of Technology Boosts Technological Development of Costa Rica

    El anuncio fue realizado por el ministro del área tecnológica, Luis Adrián Salazar, durante una actividad llamada "Hacia la 4ta revolución industrial", en la que también participó el presidente Carlos Alvarado . El plan se financiará con una contribución no reembolsable del Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID) por US $ 15 millones

    Costa Rica: A Small Country Giving Gigantic Lessons

    We are used to pressing a button to turn the light on or off, but for electricity to reach homes, businesses or industries there...

    Costa Rica: Investment for US$ 4,600 Million in Road Works Will Reactivate the Economy

    In the closing of the Economic Reactivation Week, the Government of Costa Rica detailed an aggressive road infrastructure investment plan for US$ 4,600 million,...

    IDB Will Provide Costa Rica with US$ 500 Million Credit for Clean Energy Projects

    President Carlos Alvarado and the Minister of Finance, Rocío Aguilar, signed Law N° 9573 that will allow Costa Rica to receive financing of US$...

    ICE Purchases 100 Electric Cars in US$ 3.5 Million to Renovate Fleet

    100 vehicles that work with diesel or gasoline will leave the fleet of the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) and will be replaced by...
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