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    festival de luz

    Festival of Light: The Most Popular Event of the Year

    The Festival of Light represents for the Costa Rican an event of great importance, of enthusiasm, of joy, of sharing

    Our Beautiful and Colorful Festival de la Luz

    This great festival is very popular and takes place in Siquirres, here in our beautiful country, on August 12th, every year. In this, we...

    Every Festival Throughout The Year in Costa Rica

    Village fairs are a Costa Rican cultural fact, are very popular, and are celebrated much like a carnival.  They range from popular musical groups,...
    Teapot and model, Festival of Lights, Costa Rica

    Festival of Lights brings over a million people into San Jose

    Beginning at around 3 in the afternoon on Saturday, December 11th, flocks of family and friends crowded into the streets of San Jose for...
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