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    Costa Rica Recovers 1,305 Pre-Columbian Pieces From US Museum

    "It was a process that began in 2010, when Brooklyn Museum asked us if we wanted to recover those objects, which at the time were taken due to lack of regulation,"

    A Day At The Museum

    If you like our beaches, rivers, and volcanoes, do not miss the opportunity to learn about our culture and art from this beautiful country....

    Churches of San José: Years of History and Culture

    San José is the capital and cultural center of Costa Rica, which has a growing network of theaters and museums; It is a modern...

    5 Museums You Definitely Must Visit In San Jose

    Costa Rica is worldwide known for its paradisiacal beaches and amazing natural parks, but this wonderful country offers more than natural beauties.Visitors and inhabitants...

    Costa Rica Opens New Public Museum for Ancient Stone Spheres

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) - The government of Costa Rica announced that starting next Saturday a museum will be open to the public...
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