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    Vice President of Costa Rica Calls for More Afro-descendant Women in Latin American Politics

    The Vice President of Costa Rica, Epsy Campbell, assured this past Wednesday that the participation of Afro-descendant women in Latin American politics

    7% of New Public Employees must be of African Descent in Costa Rica

    The Government of Costa Rica signed this Tuesday the "Law of affirmative actions in favor of Afro-descendant People." Among other provisions, it is established...

    UN accepts Costa Rica’s request to designate an International Day of Afro-descendants

    The General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) adopted by acclamation this Wednesday 16th, a resolution presented by Costa Rica and co-sponsored by 52...

    Father of Costa Rican Calypso Wálter Ferguson Will be Immortalized in a New Postmark

    Correos de Costa Rica presented this past Monday a commemorative postmark illustrated with the face of the renowned Costa Rican artist Wálter Ferguson, considered...
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