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    Hot List of Some of the Most Active Volcanoes in Latin America

    The intense volcanic activity that occurs in at least 6 Latin American countries keeps the authorities of the region vigilant and, on several times,...
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    Today’s Three Most Popular Volcanoes in Costa Rica

    The experts believe that the volcanoes are not synchronized. Nowadays, there are only 5 geologically active volcanoes in the country. Many phreatic eruptions have...
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    Reasons Not to Go Into The Risk Zones Around an Active Volcano

    Poas Volcano has been in constant activity in the last 90 days. As the news concerning the eruptions of the volcano has been spread...
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    Volcano Activity Strengthening Around The World

    Volcanoes Campi Flegrei in Italy, Sakurajima in Japan, Pavlof in Alaska, Popocatépetl in Mexico and Iturrialba in Costa Rica among others showed signs of...

    Other Serious Consequences due to Turrialba Eruptions

    Costa Rica sits on the infamous Ring of Fire.  Which means there are 6 active volcanoes and 61 dormant or extinct ones in the...
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