Missing experienced sailor Rocco Acocella


I am Enrica de Falco, mother of Rocco Acocella. My son went missing in June in the Caribbean Sea and we are looking for him in case he had survived.

I am very sorry to bother but I imagined you had some contacts with the Caribbean. It would be of great help if you could help us with the spread of the information about my son and his pictures. 

Here are the sum up of the fact and the picture we are spreading. I am very grateful in any case.

Rocco Acocella is an experienced sailor, who  while was sailing on his 8 meters long trimaran, called Trinavis, from St. Martin (Caribbean) to Barranquilla (Colombia) has activated an emergency signal (PLB1) at  250 miles from Barranquilla.

The signal has stayed active since June 22nd at 19.31 UTC until June 23rd at 14.46 UTC. The Armada de Colombia has been searching without positive outcome.

Our expert has personally calculated a plausible drift course, by taking into consideration the coordinates recorded by the PLB1 and the metereological historical data (wind and currents) of the following days.

The route indicates a possible impact on the coasts of Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua or on one of the islands and atolls which are in front of the coast.

Thanks to our private aerial  search and to the presence of our nautical expert in the area of interest, we have hypothesized an higher probability of impact on the coasts of Panama, Colombia, San Blas or on the other islands in the sea area facing these coasts.

The authorities are alerted and have communicated to us the difficulties of the area, as it is very little inhabitated. And because of this, it is characterized by many as hard to explore woods.

They have also told us that the area is very poorly connected with the cities or any bigger inhabited center, both internet and phone towers seem to be almost non-existent.

We ask everyone to help us, passing us any information that might be useful and mostly with the word of mouth, so that the story and the pictures of Rocco can spread even among the communities harder to reach.

It is vital to spread this information as wide as possible so to transmit it via as many radios as possible, especially local ones.

The almost exclusive presence of indigenous groups, who are preserving their culture on natural reserves, or who are simply living apart from the rest of the community, makes the spread of Rocco Acocella’s disappearance harder.

We ask whoever is in contact with these ethnic groups, such as Kuna and Ngobe Buglé, Embera-Catio, Wayuu, to help us get a contact with them as direct as possible so to extend this information to them, too.

We are trying to share as much as possible the flyer with Rocco’s photos.

We are in contact with hotels, hostels, tour operators, hospitals, churches, restaurants and similar, which are in the involved Caribbean countries, especially in the less inhabited places and we are asking them to display the flyer in their facilities.

We need help in spreading this as broad as possible.

It would be of great help if the flyer was printed, besides having it circulating online, so that we can access the less reachable communities and areas where we cannot spread the pictures via internet.

Thank you very much.


Enrica de Falco

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