How to Protect Yourselft Against Breast Cancer

Protecting your breasts is an excellent option to make them look healthy

Protecting Your Breasts Is a Good Option against Breast Cancer

A monthly self-exam on your breasts and a good bra are not enough when it comes to protecting your breasts. So they are extremely healthy.

To the office by day, to school at night to the gym whenever you can. And then there are family obligations, friends, boyfriend, parties … modern life is a constant career.

And in the meantime, coming and going, it’s easy to forget to protect your breasts. Well, it’s not like you never remember them. You know they are there, you show them off with your cleavage whenever there is an opportunity. They make you feel sexy, but sometimes you neglect the most important thing about your health.

Do you know everything you can do to protect your breasts?

But when you think you are very well informed, it will serve to test your knowledge and further drive away from the chances of becoming yet another statistic. Don’t forget, no woman is free from this danger.

Breast cancer does not discriminate, it does not believe in age, social conditions, or even generous if updating and protecting your breasts would be a wonderful option and help spread the word.

Walk and move, so you will exercise

CancerYou already know that people who walk or do any other type of physical exercise are less likely to develop common health problems including hypertension, heart disorders, and diabetes.

But research has shown that exercise doesn’t just improve overall health. If not it can also prevent breast cancer in particular.

Burning the fats that accumulate in the body and that increases the production of estrogen, a hormone that is like a kind of fuel for tumors in the breasts.

In addition to this way of protecting your breasts, experts now think that in the case of women who already have the disease, exercising to protect your breasts could mean the difference between life and death.

Studies have shown that breast cancer patients who walk 3-5 hours weekly have 50% less risk of dying than those who remain inactive.

Protecting your breasts is also about taking care of your diet.

One of the reasons you should keep an eye on what you eat is obvious, keeping weight at a healthy weight reduces your risk of breast cancer remember, less estrogen circulating and feeding tumors. But many foods can fight or stimulate the appearance of breast cancer.

Two that have been very good lately fish, like salmon, sardines, and beans.

The power of fish is in its omega3 acids, they are very effective in fighting breast cancer that scientists are now using to combine them with other compounds such as propofol to develop other drugs for the disease.

Another way to protect your breasts is to get plenty of sleep.

Some doctors recommend some doctors are now recommending long and restful nights of dreams to protect your breasts. 

According to them the secretion of melatonin, a hormone is released during sleep by the pineal gland in response to darkness.

It could influence whether or not a woman develops breast cancer, and sleep patterns can affect the growth of tumors and even the efficiency of treatment.

The breasts are a fundamental part of your body that is why it helps protect your breasts in the best way for your peace of mind.that what you eat is beneficial for your well-being.

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