Pandemic Accelerated E-commerce Growth in Costa Rica

Black Friday and the Christmas season represent real opportunities for entrepreneurs who use digital channels to sell

Black Friday and the Christmas season are real business opportunities for entrepreneurs who use digital channels to sell, especially given the acceleration of the growth of e-commerce that the Pandemic generated.

This is reflected by data from a specialized study, which indicates that the number of buyers who used ecards increased by 34% in countries such as Costa Rica, Panama and the Dominican Republic. The report also indicates that in Costa Rica online shopping during the Pandemic registered an increase of 48%. In all Central America a total of 11 million consumers are searching the Internet to make a purchase this season of discounts.

Businesses in Costa Rica have maintained discounts throughout November
Some businesses in the country have maintained promotions and discounts throughout November, with up to 80% discounts on a variety of merchandise. Stores are fully complying with the protocols dictated by the Ministry of Health, which include the permanent use of a mask, the distance of at least two meters, sanitization when entering and avoid leaving your home if you have any symptoms related to COVID-19.

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