Moving Mistakes: How to Avoid when trying a DIY move

Moving is comparatively easy if you recieve enough help, but when you plan a DIY move, you may face a lot of hectic schedules. A DIY move has always been associated with a lot of stress, though it saves a hefty amount of money that makes it a fascinating option. So if you are considering a DIY move then you should plan it properly and thoroughly as many people tend to make a lot of moving mistakes and end up having a messy move.

Moving can be of many types for example a student relocation to a college, an apartment move of a single person, and a family moving to another city. So we can say that every move is unique in its way. While it is best to engage credible best long distance moving companies, you may try a DIY move if you please. If you too are planning a DIY move then planning is the key to have a smooth move without making any mistakes.

The following are some common mistakes DIY movers often make and also how to avoid them:


The most common mistake people make is assuming facts about a DIY move. They consider it a cheaper way of moving which is not always true. Though a local move that stays within 100 miles and some helping friends can make a DIY move easy and cheaper, there are many hidden costs associated with a DIY move that movers forget to consider while making a DIY move budget.

While preparing a DIY move budget, consider the hidden costs including the cost of packing supplies, moving equipment, road tolls, taxes and insurance, additional moving insurance, fuel and cleaning charges, and increased cost of the vehicle due to its size and capacity. Self-moving costs may also include damaging of property and injuries due to previous moving inexperience.

So a DIY move can be a pain to your pocket if not financially planned.

Not Starting and Allocating Enough Time

Allocation of a proper timeline and starting early enough is much needed when someone plans a DIY move. Many people mistake starting too early or too late when executing a self-move. A professional company can handle and complete a move in one day due to their experience and expertise but when it comes to self-move, proper management of time is a must. Being a working professional you may have work commitments that might not allow you to spend a lot of time packing your stuff.

So while planning a DIY move, make sure you draw a proper timeline and allocate enough time for each moving task including sorting, decluttering, packing, and also organizing a garage sale. A properly planned and executed timeline can be your best skill to have a successful move. Write down all the moving-related tasks and make a proper list and organize these tasks in a manageable way. But don’t give yourself any unrealistic targets.

Hiring the Wrong Size of Rental Truck

Hiring the wrong size of a rental truck is one of the most common mistakes made by new movers. Renting the right size of the tuck makes your move half done. Choosing a smaller size truck will force you to make multiple trips to your location which will cost you extra fuel, effort, and energy. And choosing a bigger size may damage your belongings and they will not be stacked properly. So both the scenarios of hiring the wrong size will burden you unnecessarily.

Pickup trucks are the ideal choice for small loads and partial house moves and cargo vans are best for college moves and local studio moves. A 10-12 ft. truck can be used for a small apartment move, a 14-16 ft. truck is right for a 1 to 2 bedroom house, and 20-26 ft. trucks are perfect for cross country relocation.

Choosing Wrong Moving Boxes

Choosing just any moving boxes is one big mistake made by movers. Many people try to cut the moving cost by using used and old boxes. People opt for free moving boxes that they get from local grocery stores and liquor shops which is a mistake. Old and used boxes that are not specialized for moving are not the right choice. They may break while lifting and loading and damage your valuable goods.

The cost of a specialized moving box is only $1.50 but many people try to save the total cost of moving by saving on boxes and that may lead to damage and ultimately losing more money than what you have saved.

But still, if you want to cut the cost of moving boxes then you can consider them. Make sure you cleanse them properly before using them. Keep them opened to get rid of any unwanted smell and to abort the chances of any wet areas. Try to find the strong boxes and pack lightweight things in them. For your valuable heavy belongings consider buying new and specialized boxes.

When you know what to do and how, even a DIY move can be a happy relocation experience. Try your best and avoid these mistakes and enjoy the great transition in life.

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