Marine Farm Project Aims to Reactivate the Economy of Coastal Families

It is developed at the Marine Biotechnology and Aquaculture Laboratory of the Pacific Marine Park in Puntarenas

The Marine Biotechnology and Aquaculture Laboratory of the Pacific Marine Park located in Puntarenas, is developing an aquaculture program to expand the supply of farmed seafood.

So far this trend has not been exploited in the country, and in this case, it seeks to be an option to reactivate the economy of Pacific coastal families, in addition to being an alternative to traditional fishing.

To guarantee the success of this project, a production value added plan is also carried out, together with the Paquera Aquaculture Association. This consists of opening floating restaurants located on Isla Cedros, where tourists can fish their own snappers and then eat them.

Institutions link projects to promote initiative

In order to promote this initiative, the Development Banking System and the Marine Park Foundation signed a contract for ¢ 466 million, which aims to promote marine-coastal aquaculture including research and development of marine farms. The Mixed Institute of Social Assistance (IMAS) made an investment of $ 94 million to carry out the first improvements to the Laboratory for the Production of Organisms in this park.

Likewise, representatives of organizations from the South Pacific and the Gulf of Nicoya were trained by the National Institute of Education (INA) on issues of shrimp culture in marine cages.

Huge potential for development

As part of the institutions’ drive for this project, the Rural Development Institute (Inder) recently transferred ¢ 47.3 million, marked for the remodeling of the aquaculture laboratory facilities. According to Natalia Corrales, director of the park, Costa Rica has 1,236 kilometers of coastline, but only about 0.12% of this area is used in aquaculture projects.

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