If You Want a Vacation for Total Relaxation, Costa Rica is the Best Option

Costa Ricahas it all, from great landscapes to its culture and gastronomic variety. It is one of those places on Earth that you have to visit at least once in your life to feel total peace and relaxation.

In Costa Rica, just by watching a sunset, relaxation begins.

The sunsets in the country are glorious, you can enjoy the best sunsets which provide relaxation from late August to early May when the dry season ends and the rains begin.

The quality of a sunrise or sunset depends on how clean this air is at the moment and the first rains clean particles from the atmosphere, the result is that the colors of the sun shine brighter.

We recommend Tamarindo Beach as one of the places that more promotes relaxation while you admire the sun going down. Extensive views of the sea make a perfect reflected image.

Time for fishing

Another way to relax is to cast your fishing line in the open sea. Although Costa Rica is small, it is surrounded by two seas and numerous lakes and rivers. If you have not yet started to fish and practice relaxation at the same time it is time for you to do so. The Pacific coast is famous for its blue and black marlins, sailfish, and goldfish with a season that lasts almost all the year, so if you want to relax while fishing does not hesitate, this is a great option.

Rent a sport fishing boat that will take you to the open sea, feeling the gentle rocking of the waves, watching the sunset as you cast the fishing line and you will have a perfect relaxation.

If you visit the country stay in an Eco-lodge for maximum relaxation.

Eco-lodges are usually outside small villages, in forests, valleys, in the mountains or on the slopes of the volcanoes, with all this nature around you it will be much more easy to achieve relaxation.

Nature treks, walking towards relaxation among exuberant wildlife.

Manuel Antonio National Park is small in size, about 2,000 hectares. However, it compensates its size with the great biodiversity it presents. With more than 100 species of mammals and 200 species of birds that live within this peaceful paradise.

There are several trails to explore, but the largest is Punta Catedral, stop at one of the viewpoints and try to spot as many animals as you can, such as the Titi monkey, a species that is only found in Manuel Antonio and Corcovado, and the colorful Toucan.

We recommend you begin your trek early in the morning so that you can see the inhabitants of the jungle when they wake up. After the walk, simply lie down on one of the park’s four beaches and you will have a 100% natural day of relaxation.

So if you want a vacation that promotes relaxation, think about Costa Rica, it has everything you need to forget about your daily routine and hassles, restart your life on a much better tone.

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VIABeleida Delgado
SOURCEYohander Rodríguez
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