How to Keep my Child Calm in Quarantine?

How to Keep my Child Calm in Quarantine
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Surely you are one of those mothers who do not know how to control their boy or girl at home since for reasons of quarantine they have stopped going to school and the outings are restricted, the truth is a little frustrating.

It is normal for our children to feel overwhelmed by this situation, it is difficult to be locked up every day but for our safety, it is the best.

The best way is to try to teach our children to control emotions and teach them to have fun at home and control their skills.

The first thing to know that LISTENING is important for parents to express love and acceptance, and to help their children cope with difficult situations.

How to help them express their fears and concerns?

Perhaps it is not enough to ask children what they understand or how they feel to get them to express their feelings. Sometimes just sitting with them and listening to them fills them with more security.

Identify the alarm signals

First of all, you should try to be alert to the signals that the body sends us in situations of tension and stress.

You must know how to identify how your body reacts in these circumstances to learn how to stay calm in later moments.

To stay calm: trust yourself and your possibilities to achieve anything you set your mind to.

Learn to stop thinking negative and forget about impossible type thoughts I can not handle so much work since the only thing you will get with them is to increase your stress and make the situation more complicated.

Try to see things in a positive light.

Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay

Breathe and count to 10 believe me when I tell you that you should take your time to count so you will relax.

This way you avoid saying or doing anything you later regret.

Helping to release adrenaline is important since it accumulates in moments of tension at the same time that it improves our mood.

Taking care of your diet can help you control your nerves.

Eating healthy is important for all of us, since eating influences both our body and our mood.

How to calm ourselves in difficult situations?

In these cases, it is recommended if you can take dark chocolate and foods rich in vitamin C such as strawberries, oranges due to reducing the stress hormone cortisol.

The importance of physical exercise is highly recommended to release energy physically

Maintain a good sense of humor.

Be very proud. If you have failed or something, nothing happens, do not punish yourself since the next time will be better.

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