How Can I Get Started In Buddhist meditation?

How Can I Get Started In Buddhist meditation

Buddhist meditation is one of the most popular techniques that is considered  “a complete method of meditation” and has as its main objective achieving that the mind be totally concentrated in the “present moment”, that is, in the “here and now”.

This type of meditation helps control our thoughts, which often can make us ill. It is said that we worry so much about things that have not happened and that may never happen that we forget to live in the present.

That is why this type of meditation is so well known, because it helps to reconnect with our authentic essence and leave behind negative thoughts or emotions that do not contribute anything positive to our being.

The most important fact about this meditation is that we must practice it every day, no matter where we are. We can make it a goal to meditate at least 15 minutes a day, every day, from the moment the decision is made. And then increase the time to half hour daily and then one full hour.

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How can I practice Buddhist meditation?

Buddhist meditation

The first thing you should do is focus on your breathing, even if it seems silly to focus on just breathing, this makes you more aware of your body and the energy that flows into it. Focusing like this on the present, is one of the teachings that “Buddha”  left us, which indicates that “one of the causes for which there is suffering in the world is because we live more in the past or in the future than in the present.”

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Techniques for beginners 

  • Blank mind: The most important step to start in this meditation technique is to try to remove all distractions from our mind. Regarding the time you will spend meditating, we recommend placing a low volume alarm clock with the necessary meditation time, so that our minds do not look for excuses to get out of the meditation state. Starting out we must be firm so our minds will not get bored and distracted.
  • Choose the most suitable moment for you: Many people find it useful to meditate early in the morning to start the day fresh and with a clear mind. Others prefer to do it at night to relax and clear their mind before bed, or even in the middle of the day, in order to control their stress levels. No matter what time you choose to meditate, whatever suits your schedule is good.
  • Make sure you are not too exhausted: Meditation requires concentration and focus, so if you are tired it will be much more difficult to practice.
  • Be constant: Do not be discouraged if at first you are not able to spend the necessary time in a state of meditation. We must know that it is a process and that it can take time. And like all exercises, constant practice will help us to carry it out successfully.
  • Maintain posture: Most Buddhist meditations is seated – that’s why the Buddha represents himself in this position. In general it is good to do it on the floor, but if we are not comfortable we can choose a chair. The hands should be placed on the lap or on cushions, so that they are comfortable and do not interfere with the mental process. The legs should be crossed or we should kneel on the floor. The head should be slightly inclined and the eyes closed, as well as the spine must remain straight.
  • Wear comfortable clothes: The goal of meditation is to calm the mind and overcome negative emotions. Therefore, loose and comfortable clothing will help ensure that you are distracted as little as possible due to physical discomfort.
  • Find a quiet place: You should find a place where there are no loud noises or sudden interruptions that disturb your meditation.

 5 benefits of Buddhist meditation:

  1. Relax your mind.
  2. Connect with your interior.
  3. Control your thoughts, feelings and memories.
  4. It helps you live your present more fully.
  5. You are in control of yourself and your reactions.


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