Hiking In Costa Rica's Mountains: An Unforgettable Experience

Learn about three incredible mountain destinations in the country that captivate all with their immense beauty

About the recently commemorated International Mountain Day, we want to tell you about the three most beautiful mountains in Costa Rica that you should visit. Although Costa Rica is known worldwide for having exotic beaches and lush rainforests, it is also that you should go out to discover other natural landscapes and beautiful places in our country.

The first thing to know is that in Costa Rica you will find many kinds of mountains, hills, and volcanoes, with beautiful waterfalls, ravines, rivers, dry forests, rain forests, exotic flowers, plants, wild animals and breathtaking landscapes.

Cerro Kamuk

It is a mountain located in La Amistad International Park, in the Talamanca mountain range, between the northern mountain ranges of Panama and southeastern Costa Rica. Cerro Kámuk constitutes the cusp of a mountainous row where other hills of lower altitudes are located. The peak of Kamuk rises to 3549 meters above sea level. It is very important to have a specialized guide to carry out this expedition.

An important fact is that Cerro Kamuk is part of the UNESCO Mesoamerican Project Biological Corridor. This corridor is shared by eight countries: Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Belize, Guatemala, and southern Mexico. We remind you that because it is a national park, pets are not allowed, so if you travel with any and wish to visit you must take your previsions.

Cerro Chirripó

The Cerro Chirripó has a height of 3,820 meters above sea level and is considered the highest mountain in Costa Rica, in addition to being one of the highest in Central America and is part of the Chirripó National Park. Cerro Chirripó is located in the border area between the cantons of Pérez Zeledón, Turrialba and Talamanca. Its top as such is in the province of Limón.

The natural landscapes that Chirripó gives you, is something you should not miss, in addition to some beautiful hidden lakes of glacial origin within the park. Once at its summit on clear days you can see the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea looking southwest or northeast respectively. You can also see 75% of the Costa Rican and Panamanian territories.

To reach the top you must make a hike uphill of approximately 20 kilometers. This walk is generally divided into two stages, in the first, you ascend to 3,400 meters, it is estimated that this first phase will last an average time of 6 or 7 hours. After this walk, you will arrive at El Páramo Refuge, which has electricity (regulated), potable water (not heated), kitchen utensils, two computers with a limited internet connection, and capacity for about 80 people.

In the second stage of the ascent is usually done the next morning, where you must take a 5-kilometer walk of moderate-intensity and a time of 2 to 3 hours. It is important to know that experts recommend having a previous medical check-up, and if you are not used to trekking in mountains of this type, train at least 3 months before.

What is the protocol to be followed for climbing Cerro Chirripó?

The first step that you must take to make this climb to the highest mountain in Costa Rica is to register at the SINAC office, Chirripó National Park, with your ID or passport. Once registered you must coordinate the lodging in the refuge, in the Office of Consorcio Aguas Eternas. There you can coordinate lodging, food and if you want to hire a cargo upload service. Remember that because it is a National Park, the entrance of pets is not allowed and camping is not allowed in the place either.

I always travel with my pet! Which mountain can I visit?

Costa Rica is a country that has spaces for everyone and if you travel with your pet, rest assured that then we will mention a mountain which you can visit in the company of your cute pet:

Cerro Pelado

This mountain is located between Cañas and Bagaces, Guanacaste; it is an inactive volcano (for thousands of years). Although it is smaller in comparison to the other mountains mentioned in this article, it has recently become very popular on social networks for its spectacular views

This mountain is Pet-Friendly! So you can visit it in the company of your pet. The best fact about doing the hike to Cerro Pelado is that you only have to have an average physical condition. Because the ascent to the top lasts only about 40 minutes. 

Recommendations when climbing a mountain:

  • Always carry your identification (passport or ID).
  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Use Hiking shoes (wear adhesive bands in case of cuts or friction injuries within the shoes).
  • Use batons to help in the case of steep peaks.
  • Bring enough water, as well as energy snacks such as seeds and nuts, fresh fruit, jelly sandwiches, and the likes.
  • Have an experienced guide accompany you.
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