Health Director of Canada Urges Wearing Face Mask during Sex to Avoid COVID-19

Canada records nearly 130,000 Coronavirus cases

Canada’s director of Public Health this past Wednesday urged couples to wear face masks during sex to prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus. “Sex can be tricky in times of COVID-19, especially for those without an intimate partner in their home or whose sexual partner is at increased risk for COVID-19,” Theresa Tam said in a statement.

“Lower risk sexual activity during COVID-19 involves only you,” she added. But those who are having sex with a partner who is at risk or who comes from outside the home, should “avoid kissing, face-to-face contact or closeness, and consider wearing a mask that covers the nose and mouth.”

Tam said people should also limit their consumption of alcohol or “other substances” so that couples can make “safe decisions.” She noted that there is a “very low probability” of transmission of the new Coronavirus through semen or vaginal fluids. But she still urged the use of condoms.

Canada recorded nearly 130,000 Coronavirus cases as of Wednesday, 9,171 of which were fatal. Almost 90% of those who contracted it recovered.

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