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    It’s finally Friday! And we know that many walk around, looking for where to go out at night, with friends or as a couple, to dance and enjoy San José’s nightlife. Because of this, we traveled to the best bars in San José to bring you this list with excellent options to enjoy on the weekend.

    From traditional bars, calm atmospheres, themed bars, pubs, karaokes, and live music to work off all of the stress of the week with a good dancing, San José offers everything. Here is the list with the best options:

    Bar El Teatro

    What makes it special? This place of entertainment in the very center of the city has an excellent atmosphere, special decoration, music, DJs, and drag queen shows.

    Location: Calle 2, between Avenida 14 and 16 in the center of San José.

    Contact: 2256-1003

    Bar El 13

    What makes it special? It is the meeting place for all lovers of heavy metal, with drag queen shows and LGBTQ activities.

    Location: 200 meters to the south of AyA on the Paseo de los Estudiantes.

    Contact: 2221-3947

    Club Vertigo

    What makes it special? It is one of the best places for electronic music, with excellent national and international DJ’s, retro music nights, and special events, among others.

    Location: Edificio Centro Colón, Paseo Colón, San José.

    Contacto: 2257-8424

    La Belle Lounge and Gallery

    What makes it special? Excellent party atmosphere, with electronic music, terraces, and great special events.

    Location: Paseo Colón, San José

    Contact: 8303-7171

    Central Pub

    What makes it special? It is a picturesque pub, English style, that actually evokes the England environment, with a delicious offer of hamburgers, pizzas, fish, and french fries. There are even inspired dishes from England like the Newcastle chicken sandwich and the Liverpool hamburger.

    Location: In front of the Banco de Costa Rica of the Paseo Colón in San José.

    Contact: 4030-7500

    Gastro Bar

    What makes it special? It is a new concept that combines the setting of a bar and a stylish restaurant with national and international plates, as well as special promotions.

    Location: Avenida 3, on Paseo Colón, Calle 8.

    Schedule: 6am-9pm.

    Contact: 2547-2325

    Aura Club and Dance Floor

    What makes it special? It is a university atmosphere with good music, drinks, and snacks. They have special events and live music.

    Location: 100 meters to the east and 25 meters to the north of Munoz and Nanne in San Pedro.

    Contact: 6200-0073

    Hoxton Pub

    What makes it special? Principally, their good live music.

    Location: 75 meters to the east of the old Subaru, Boulevard de los Yoses.

    Schedule: 9pm-4am.

    Contact: 6105-9296

    Mundo Loco El Chante

    What makes it special? It has an excellent offer of vegan and vegetarian plates and nights of good live music.

    Location: Southeast corner of Banco Popular, in San Pedro.

    Contact: 225304125


    What makes it special? The good party atmosphere with all types of music: rock, ska, cumbia…

    Location: 25 meters to the south of the Bomba La Primavera, La California.

    Schedule: 6pm-2am.

    Contact: 2221-1549

    Craic Irish Pub

    What makes it special? It is one of the few Irish pubs with gastronomic offers of fish, famous french fries, hamburgers, hot dogs, and a very good setting.

    Location: 100 meters to the south of the Nicaraguan embassy, in the La California neighborhood.

    Schedule: 6pm-2am.

    Contact: 2221-4436

    Bar El Observatorio

    What makes it special? It is a tapas bar and restaurant with an innovative concept, live music, stand up comedy, and good decoration.

    Location: In front of the Magaly theater in the neighborhood La California.

    Schedule: 6pm-11:45pm

    Contact: 2223-0725

    El Cuartel de la Boca del Monte

    What makes it special? It is an iconic destination for the nightlife of San José, with live music of all tastes.

    Location: Avenida Primera in the neighborhood La California.

    Schedule: 11:30am-2pm and 6pm-2am.

    Contact: 2221-0327


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