Guácimo Tourist Route will Benefit 17 Businesses and 10,900 people

This Monday, after the celebration of the Governing Council in Limón, the President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado, traveled to the Guácimo canton to inspect the progress of the Tourist Route project, carried out by the Rural Development Institute (INDER) and the local Municipality.

During the visit – under strict measures of distancing and hygiene – the President was accompanied by Vice President Marvin Rodríguez, coordinator of the Caribbean Table; the executive president of Inder, Harys Regidor Barboza; the mayor Guácimo, Gerardo Fuentes, and representatives of the beneficiary communities.

For the construction of this work, an investment of ₡ 1,045 million was required, of which Inder contributed ₡ 450 million and the Municipality of Guácimo ₡ 595 million. It is about the improvement of the roads of four communities located to the south of the canton, which will have a ballast treatment for a total of 31.4 km: 5 km on asphalt in different prioritized sections in La Isleta, San Isidro de Tierra Grande, La Argentina of Pocora and Los Lirios.

Also, 685 meters of the concrete-lined ditch were intervened in a sector with more complex topographic and water evacuation characteristics. In total, some 10,993 people and 17 local businesses that attend an annual visitation of just over 9,000 tourists will benefit, as well as agricultural producers who will be able to transport their crops to other areas with an improved road.

Both President Alvarado and Vice President Rodríguez recognized the work carried out by INDER over the last few years in promoting development, economic reactivation, and job creation not only in the Huetar Caribe Region but also in the rest of the rural territories.

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During the visit, the executive president of INDER informed President Alvarado and the rest of the delegation about the investment of the institution that he directs for ₡ 1126 million in the Huetar Caribe Region in 2018 at the end of 2020, whose primary purpose is to improve the quality life of the inhabitants of this part of the country.

Inder’s executive president explained that projects to promote food production and security are being promoted, through which the institution provides small and medium-sized producers with inputs, seeds, tools, and specialized equipment to promote not only self-sufficiency but also economic reactivation by boosting agricultural and livestock production.

Thus, for example, at the end of this year, Inder will have invested in the Costa Rican Caribbean ₡ 4340 million in the development of infrastructure projects to improve the competitiveness of its four rural territories.

The official specified that among the investments made by Inder in the Huetar Caribe Region, are the improvement of seven roads in the communities of La Lidia, La Maravilla, San Jorge, El Millón, La Fortuna, Aguas Frías, and Maná, all of them in the Canton of Pococí with an investment of ₡ 1,280 million.

Also, the construction of a fruit processing plant in Batán de Limón for the benefit of 13 women heads of household with an investment of ₡ 67 million, as well as the improvement of the roads carried out in the Thai Indigenous Territory (Tayní) -Cabécar in Talamanca for more than ₡ 100 million.

In addition to the electrification and construction of school classrooms and sanitary batteries in the Calbey-Kuchey community, belonging to that same indigenous territory, with an investment of ₡ 107 million.

Additionally, projects were carried out in a coordinated manner with organizations, local governments, and public institutions, such as the project for the Socio-Environmental Technology Park of the Siquirres-Guácimo Territory.

Thanks to this initiative, more than 44 tons of reusable waste have not ended up in landfills, streets, and rivers, while more than 3,500 people have been sensitized on issues of caring for the environment.

Also, Inder works strongly together with other institutions of the Government of the Republic in the Caribbean Table, whose purpose is to reactivate the local economy through productive chains.

“The Costa Rican Caribbean deserves new opportunities to achieve the integral development of this and future generations, that is why from Inder, we reaffirm our commitment to work, dedication and accelerate development to bring better living conditions to many families”, concluded the Executive President of Inder, Harys Regidor Barboza.

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