Government Announces a Partial and Regulated Opening for Commercial Activities During the Month of August

During the month of August Costa Rica will have two commercial opening periods and one commercial closing period under the following form: nine days of commercial opening, 12 days of commercial closing and again nine of opening, this for the cantons with an orange alert. The closing phase includes the date of Mother’s Day (August 15).

The Government announced that the dates will be handled as follows: From August 1 to 9 and from August 22 to 30, opening of establishments with sanitary permission to operate for customer service in cantons on orange alert, with 50% capacity and without time restriction Closing phase: August 10-21 there will be total closure of establishments with sanitary permission to operate to the public in cantons on orange alert, except for the list of exceptions On the closing dates, the modalities of home service and self-service (always staying in the vehicle) are enabled for any type of purchase.

During the 12 days of closure, the following establishments can open: supermarkets, grocery stores and suppliers; bakeries; butchers; pharmacies, greengrocers and banking services; hotels with 50% capacity, farmers fairs, chapels and funeral parlors, among others.

In the cantons with a yellow alert, commercial establishments will be able to operate regularly, even during the closing phase. That is, they will continue with phase 3 of reactivation (restaurants, shops and gyms at 50%, places of worship with a maximum of 75 people, farmer fairs with differentiated strips, among others).

This week, the National Emergency Commission (CNE) lowered 17 cantons from orange alert to yellow alert. But a large part of the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM) continues on orange alert; along with other localities such as San Vito, Corredores, the Pavón Golfito district, Barranca and Chacarita.

Closed during August
Daniel Salas, Minister of Health, pointed out that there are a series of activities with large concentrations that will be closed throughout August:
– Concerts and public shows
– Fairgrounds, bullfighting activities, popular celebrations, fairs, sporting events (competitive and / or recreational)
– Entertainment activities in shopping malls
– International Film Festivals and National Arts Festivals
– Conventions and trade shows
The following public meeting places may not operate:
– Conference centers
– Mélico Salazar Popular Theater and National Theater
– Playground for children
– Amusement Parks and Viva Park
– Bars, discos and nightclubs
– Religious activities and processions
– Casinos or bingos.

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