Get to Know about the Details of La Vuelta a Costa Rica 2019

105 cyclists, Ticos, and foreigners will compete to take first place

From December 16 to 25, the 55th edition of the most important cycling competition that the country performs throughout the year will be held in Costa Rica.

An important fact that should be known is that Vuelta a Costa Rica is an international cycling event that has been organized since 1965 and attracts national and foreign competitors.

It is worth mentioning that the presentation of the participating teams will take place on December 15 at 10 am in the center of the culture of Herediana Omar Dengo in the city of Heredia.

Teams participating in this Tour of Costa Rica 2019

A total of 105 cyclists of 15 teams will participate in this important event, of which eight of the teams are national and the remaining seven are foreigners.

The Costa Rican teams that will participate in this event are Pollos Don José- Multiple Corella, Truman Team Josefino, Tele Uno-Banco BCT, TeamCostafrut-Billing CR, Scotiabank-Nestlé-Métrica, Probike-Lufese-VQ Sport, El Colono-Protecto- Amanco and Java CyclingTeam.

The technical director Yurandir Leandro of Scotiabank-Nestlé-Métrica, one of the Costa Rican teams that will participate in the Vuelta said: “We are ready to fight the Vuelta and revalidate our title, we will compete for each stage, for this we have very fast cyclists like José Vega and John Jiménez; also, we bring three strong candidates for the U23 and we are sure that Daniel Bonilla, Elías Vega, and Sergio Arias will talk about in the middle and high mountains. We have a very balanced team. “

The international teams are composed of Canel’s Specialized (Mexico), EDA Cycling Team (Nicaragua), Global Cycling Team (Netherlands), Optics Deluxe (Guatemala), National Team of Peru, National Team of Russia and the National Team of Ecuador.

The Mexican squad will compete with a Colombian cyclist, a Chilean and 5 Mexicans. It has a varied medallist, which is detailed below:

The climber Óscar Sánchez was the winner of Vuelta Costa Rica 2012, also, the Colombian was a mountain leader and points leader, with the GW Shimano team.

The Chilean Pablo Alarcón has managed to position himself on the podium appealed occasions in his participation in Vuelta a Costa Rica. Also, Mexicans have managed to expose their level, Efren Santos left the 2nd stage of Vuelta a Costa Rica 2016, the first place of the 1st and 9th stage of Vuelta Costa Rica 2017 and in the last Vuelta Costa Rica (2018) managed to leave the 2nd stage.

The runner Juan Francisco Rosales, 19, will debut in the 55th edition of the lap, he has won 2 stages in Vuelta Juventud México. For Vuelta Costa Rica 2017, Eduardo Corte achieved first place in the 10th stage known as “President Circuit” and José Esteban Xopa and Francisco Lara will hold their second participation in Vuelta a Costa Rica.

How will this competition develop?

During these days of competition, athletes must 1,170.5 kilometers divided into 10 stages which are:

  • Stage 1: Heredia-Nicoya (206km). Modality: Route.
  • Stage 2: Cantonal Sports Committee of Liberia –Esparza on Route 1 (121km). Modality: Route.
  • Stage 3: Esparza- Jacó / CRE Parrita- Jacó (46km). Modality: Route and time trial by teams.
  • Stage 4: Jaco-Pérez Zeledón by the Alto de San Juan (142km). Modality: Route.
  • Stage 5: Dominical-Golfito (135.5km). Modality: Route.
  • Stage 6: Golfito-Pérez Zeledón through Buenos Aires (178km). Modality: Route.
  • Stage 7: Pérez Zeledón-Pacayas (132km). Modality: Route.
  • Stage 8: Between Cot de Oreamuno and San Juan de Chicuá (13km). Modality: Chronoscaled.
  • Stage 9: SEC-Montes de Oca- Paraíso-Cervantes-Turrialba-Tucurrique-Cachí-Orosi-Paraiso (97km). Modality: Route.
  • Stage 10: President Circuit located in La Aurora de Heredia (100km). Modality: Route.

It is important to know that Costa Rican authorities are working for the safety of both athletes and the general public attending.

It should be noted that Costa Rica has won 26 times of the 55 editions that this competition has held and hopes to be able to be champion with one of its local teams this 2019 edition.

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