Fear of Failure Can Hamper Our Personal Growth

Fear of Failure Can Hamper Our Personal Growth

Throughout life there will be difficult moments, situations in which you will take a wrong path. You are human and therefore  failures and stumbles will come. However, it will be the attitude you adopt in these circumstances that will define who you are and how you want to live. Learn from your mistakes and you will have conquered fear.

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Some people have personal characteristics that make them more likely to suffer in the event of failure. A perfectionist tendency, a rigid personality and a high intolerance to frustration are some of the main ingredients of fear of failure. The excessive self-demand makes us live in a mental prison, in which our internal dialogue becomes the fiercest critic.

Who does not allow himself to be mistaken, limits his own freedom. Each activity is a test, rather than an adventure. And each mistake, a great personal failure. The gripping fear of not living up to expectations leads the individual to stay in his comfort zone, and deprives himself of the opportunity to experience the new.

Staying in a harmful place, in a painful situation will be more acceptable to you than venturing to change course. Well, this would mean admitting that it has failed. And each mistake made is loaded as a heavy burden that undermines our self-esteem, reminding us that we were not enough.

Learn from your mistakes

Personal GrowthTherefore, if you change your perspective, your reality will change. Start seeing error as an ally rather than an enemy, and you will find yourself getting closer to meeting your goals.

Accept error as part of life. You have to get rid of rigid and inflexible perfectionist conceptions from your mind. We all make mistakes, you too. So accept it and allow yourself to fail, without fear and without guilt.

Dare to try, explore, turn around and change course. Integrate error as part of existence and stop being afraid of it, don’t let it condition you.

Use error as a boost and not as a drag. When you fail, analyze the situation and extract a teaching. Don’t just suffer, rather go ahead and change.

Therefore, evaluate what message the error brings you: what happened? What part was your responsibility? What could you have done differently? Surely now you know yourself better in terms of your desires, your needs and your limits. Anchor this learning to your mind.

Take your responsibility and forgive. It is important to recognize that we have a leading role in what happens to us and to take charge of our actions. Settling in the role of victim leaves us powerless, adrift in the face of circumstances and acts of others.

Assuming mistakes brings us closer to change. Similarly, it is necessary to forgive the others involved and move on without rancor.

Learn from your mistakes and apply the learning in the future. Don’t be afraid to start again, no longer starting from scratch but from the experience.

Making mistakes is good because:

  • It can help us clarify what our priorities are.
  • This is how we learn.
  • Can create unexpected positive consequences.
  • It teaches us who we are.
  • It can free us to pursue our goals.
  • It can make us laugh … later.
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