Envision Festival 2020: Where Eco-Awareness and Spirituality Merge

Our planet is increasingly threatened and mistreated as a result of the great climatic changes produced by humans that have been taking place in the past decades. It is worrying how huge forest fires today have consumed millions of extensions of forests that represent plant lungs for humanity, such is the case of the recent forest fires that occurred in Australia affecting more than 10 million hectares and an estimated a million dead animals; Also the devastating fire that occurred in the Amazon during the second half of the year 2019, considered the largest rainforest in the world. Great efforts must be made to eliminate all those negative human practices that cause irreversible damage to our environment.

In this order of ideas, Costa Rica will celebrate the tenth edition of “Envision Festival: Music, Sustainability and Arts”, this time recognizing achievements in the green and environmental sector. The Envision Festival is a dance music celebration held in the “Uvita De Osa”. It is one of the most immersive festive experiences in the world.

The festival is much more than music. It is based on what they call their eight pillars: permaculture, spirituality, movement, art, music, community, health and radical acceptance. Envision Festival was recognized for excellence in the impact of the local community, procurement, compliance, management systems, and external scope, behavior change, also commemorated in solid waste recycling, water use, beach cleaning, biodiversity and principles of permaculture.

To celebrate the New Year and the new decade, Envision Festival is pleased to announce its goal of planting 10,000 trees in Costa Rica in this year 2020 and is inviting the community to establish its eco-intentions for the year. Envision participants will plant a tree each time the social media publications of the festival are shared online (up to 2.5 shares), likewise, each tree purchase on its website will allow you to choose a winner for the Flyaway contest this year.

From its creation to 2019, the festival has planted and donated more than 45,000 trees in Costa Rica to help the regeneration of the tropical forest ecosystem that is the habitat for thousands of animal and plant species.

Envision Festival also has carried out the following projects:

–- Created the Envision Community Center House, a local youth community center.

–- Removed more than 335 kilos of garbage in its annual beach cleaning.

–- Financed a local lifeguard program.

–- Financed a $ 17,000 water infrastructure program in Uvita.

–- Raised $ 6,000 to fund a local crime prevention program.

–- Repaired the roof of a local school.

Envision Festival is a “Leave-No-Trace” event and encourages “general green foundation” practices, dedicated to taking out of circulation single-use plastic bottles, dishes, and utensils, encouraging all attendees to bring reusable items to the event site.

These types of initiatives have been taking place in various corners of the Globe, but it is not enough, it remains essential that all the world inhabitants avoid eco-destructive practices in favor of our natural environment. Countries like the United Kingdom and Spain have been staging similar musical festivals where all those who use alternative low-emission transport are rewarded. For example, the Belgian “Pukkelpop Festiva” includes free public transportation to the festival and reserves priority parking places for those who share car rides.

Jennifer Smith, founder and president of “Community Carbon Trees” says, “If we want to create lasting solutions to the environmental problems facing the planet, we have to do more than planting trees for stopping global warming. Ideally, we also have to find ways to preserve local communities and cultures, while immediately rebuilding deforested soils, wildlife corridors and the protection of river basins and forests. This work is especially important in countries such as Costa Rica, where there are still intact sections of primary forests along the coast that, in turn, influence the oceans and marine life, so vital to the overall stability of our global climate.

It is important to become involved in the great efforts that are being made today to save the planet. These types of initiatives, like the Envision Music Festival must be supported by all world citizens, feeling motivated and committed to safeguarding our planet and its ecosystem. Becoming environmental defenders and leaving an important ecological footprint for humanity. Let us be part of the solution and join in.

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