Entrepreneurship Uses Buses as Raw Material to Build, Tiny Homes

An enterprise seeks to offer Costa Ricans a new lifestyle, linked to minimalism and sustainability, using buses as raw materials for the construction of houses. The initiative, called “Micro Macro Costa Rica”, aims to transform mobile units that are already out of circulation and give the structure a second life as a tiny home, in addition to being contemporary, is easily transportable.

The artist Francesco Bracci, who is promoting the project together with Alex Catona and Omara Fuks, explained that the idea was born from a personal experience following the construction of his house more than 12 years ago.

“I started to investigate small spaces, there is a large market segment that seek to build home spaces but has limited budgets,” he said.

Bracci also drew attention to the ease of mobilization of these “tiny homes“, since they can be moved to different spaces according to the settlement needs of the people.

First model

The first model of the project was baptized as “Cazadora El Cacique” and it is a house of 38 square meters (30 of interior space and 8 of terrace).

This model, which is already in its final stages, will be exhibited to the public from July 30th to August 30th in San Rafael de Alajuela, by appointment. Also, on July 30th there will be a Virtual Open House, in which anyone can participate.

This first exhibition, according to Bracci, will work as a kind of auction, to know the market expectations regarding the price.

The idea is not only limited to building and marketing these innovative homes, but expectations go so far as to offer the public advice on options for communities that include this type of housing and meet a profile of sustainability.

The artist assured that it would also be an innovative and accessible opportunity both economically and in logistics for social housing programs.

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