Educating Young People about COVID-19 through Music

Costa Rica innovates the way of educating its youth during the quarantine

The COVID-19 pandemic is a reality that is affecting people in Costa Rica; however, the contagion curve in this Central American country continues to flatten. This is thanks to the effort made to ensure that citizens remain in their homes.

One of the activities that the Costa Rican nation is carrying out is free concerts by Costa Rican artists through social networks. Under the motto: “Stay Home”. The objective of this initiative is to inform the young population about the sanitary measures they must take around COVID-19. This is because many young people consider that this pandemic does not affect them.

Artist unites to raise awareness about COVID-19.

#SOLOSPEROJUNTOS is the name of the festival that arose on the initiative of the Costa Rican musician Sebas Guillem, and which the United Nations, with the strong support of its health, work, education, and culture agencies, joined together with the Ministry of Health and the Presidency of Costa Rica to boost hope in citizens.

Sebas Guillem affirms, “It is wonderful that the Government, the UN agencies and the European Union are supporting the initiative, as well as the fact that more artists want to get involved. We must unite as a country to fight this virus. The participation of the UN has been essential to grow the initiative and turn it, in addition to entertainment, into a space for education and social change.”

Another Costa Rican artist who gave his opinion in this regard was Alonso de Talawa, who commented, “At this moment, distance is solidarity. Let us pay attention to all the measures that the Ministry of Health has told us to follow. Let’s keep two meters distance concerning other people and if we are going to sneeze or cough, do it in the forearm.”

A key initiative to work with the younger population.

“Through our artists, we are managing to spread the message and ensure that the main recommendations such as hand washing, the correct way to cough and sneeze, social distancing and the importance of staying at home are heard.” This was declared by the Minister of Health and the leader of the Costa Rican response to COVID-19, Daniel Salas.

The other artists participating in this initiative stated that sometimes young people do not watch Presidential press conferences or read the newspaper, nor do they get their information through traditional media. That is why this idea of ​​carrying the message of awareness through music is undoubtedly a great strategy.

It should be mentioned that the authorities have indicated that the young population is less willing to follow hygiene and safety regulations to contain infections. The alarming fact about this matter is that many of them mistakenly believe that “COVID-19 does not affect them. So the importance of this type of campaign.

Working hand in hand with the United Nations.

The United Nations Resident Coordinator in Costa Rica, Lice Shackelford commented: “We have to use all possible ways to carry the message of hope and security. It is very clear that music, as well as entertainment can bring education and save lives.”

For her part, Esther Kuisch Laroche, UNESCO representative for Central America, indicated, “Cultural activities, even in the most extraordinary moments, should not be overlooked. Rather, they should be used as a means of respite, escape, and food for the soul. Access to culture and the arts is essential in these days of confinement and quarantine. It provides us with moments of wonder and joy; It allows us to learn and discover new things, and it is what unites us all, even when we are physically separated.”

Finally, it is important to know that, although this type of activities are directed to the Costa Rican public to raise awareness about COVID-19 when it is broadcast on social networks, it can also reach young people from other countries, making it a great contribution from Costa Rica to the whole world.

SOURCEArgelis Desiree Torrealba
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