Didactical Games Exhibition by Costa Rican College Students

The activity was carried out in La Casa del Cuño

An exhibition of games for special children was part of the arts and crafts fair of the International Art Festival.

The exhibit was organized by graphic design students from the Veritas University. The event took place in the Casa del Cuño.

According to Elena Torres, one of the exhibitors, the games and toys were designed based on a research on special children and their disabilities prior to the event.

“Designing a game or a toy for children with disabilities is challenging. You have to study a lot to satisfy their needs and their parents’ expectation.” – Torres said.

Short description of the games and toys

  • Locari: it helps improve gross motor coordination. It also stimulates strength in children with Down Syndrome.
  • Thunderkid: it is a fun game good for children that spend a lot time doing extra-curricular activities.
  • Elms: it develops motor skills in autistic children.
  • The Aagram: it’s a modular toy that can be adapted according to the age.
  • Armarbol (armtree): it develops the fine motor coordination.
  • Foresta: it’s an airplane-shaped four-wheeled device for kids age 2 or 3 years old.
  • Oropel: it’s a wooden swing for 3-4 year-old children.
  • Huevilas: it’s ideal for children with dyspraxia.
  • The “Me” and the “MEs’ forest: it’s the combination of a symbolic game and a book inspired on the Coco Island scenery.
  • Inuknawa: it stimulates the motor coordination in children with involuntary movement of their hands.
  • Ludic stone: it allows children to perform several recreational activities.

Take a look at this picture gallery of the didactical games promoted at the fair.