Costa Rica’s President Highlights Health Heroes on Independence Day

The President of Costa Rica, Carlos Alvarado, highlighted this past Tuesday in the framework of a speech commemorating the 199th anniversary of Independence Day, the work of health personnel, “the heroes” of today, they seek to protect the population against COVID-19 that has caused more than 600 deaths in the country.

“Just as almost two centuries ago, Central America made history for its independence, just as there were people who fought at that time, today there are people who are heroes and heroines: medical, nursing and health personnel, who have made the greatest effort to protect Costa Ricans during the Pandemic,” said the President.

Alvarado placed the usual offering Tuesday at the National Monument, located in the National Park, in memory of the 199 years of independent life. However, it did so under a strict sanitary protocol and with a small group of cabinet members to avoid contagion.

“That today we cannot enjoy the heart of the celebration may be a reminder of how important it is and we hope that if we find a meaning for it, it is for this 199th anniversary that temporary absence, due to the Pandemic, is the construction of a moment of longing and waiting so that on the bicentennial, in one year, we can celebrate it with all the heart, effusiveness and emotion it deserves,” said the President.

The Costa Rican President also gave a message of hope, in which he hopes that for the commemoration of the 200 years of independence the country is on a path towards economic recovery and development after overcoming the health crisis

Tribute to Education

As part of his speech, Alvarado also paid tribute to students and parents who have had a difficult year and requested approval in Congress for a digital literacy project. The project would allow the Ministry of Public Education to provide connectivity to schools and colleges, purchase of computer equipment, as well as having a complete digital platform as soon as possible.

“As a country, we must obtain approval so that we can pay off a historic debt (…), we have not managed to provide that connectivity to all students and in the face of the Pandemic, we have been left bare. If we dream of a Costa Rica of equal opportunities This is a debt that we must pay off in the immediate term, as important as the stability of finances, more importantly, is education,” said the President.

Since last April the Ministry suspended face-to-face classes indefinitely because of the health crisis and indicated that they will not be resumed during 2020. After the delivery of the offering to the National Monument, the Independence Day parades traditionally began, in which thousands of students carry the country’s flags and their musical bands put joy in the streets.

However, everything was suspended this year due to COVID-19. Official data from the Ministry of Health reveal that Costa Rica has more than 600 deaths and 57,000 confirmed positive cases, with an average of 1,000 new infections per day.

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