Costa Rica Will be the Number One Surf Destination in the World After the Pandemic

Among the ten favorite surfing destinations in the world, Costa Rica is the country with the
lowest rate of deaths from Coronavirus, which places it as the favorite place for thousands of
tourists to enjoy this sport with the greatest health security. The specialized site CR SURF
carried out a study confirming this premise.
With a mortality rate of just 1.08% during the peak of contagion days, Costa Rica is the ninth
the country in the world that has best treated this health emergency, but the first nation among the
ten most visited destinations for surfing.
Both National Geographic and different international media outlets have repeatedly placed
Costa Rica among the Top 10 of the best countries to surf, in their publications. The other nine
destinations are: Indonesia, Hawaii, the United States, Australia, South Africa, Spain, New
Zealand, Brazil, and Ireland.

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However, Costa Rica, within that Top 10, appears with the lowest mortality rate and with the
least amount of infections in relation to the entire population. Australia and New Zealand would
be the next two favorite countries to surf, with the best treatment for the health of its population
during this historic pandemic that today totals more than 340 thousand deaths worldwide.
In fact, data from the DDI (Data-Driven Innovation Laboratory), from the Technological
The University of Singapore, predicts that Costa Rica will be the 17th country in the world and the
first in the American continent to overcome the pandemic. Australia will be the fourth country in
the world, while New Zealand the fifth, also to overcome COVID, according to DDI.

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VIABeleida Delgado
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