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    A walk from Cascajal to Montserrat of Coronado woke up 335 Costa Ricans last Sunday.

    The walk was free and brought in people of all types to enjoy beautiful views, get know new people, sweat a few calories, and have fun.

    The only thing you had to pay for was transportation. A bus took everyone from downtown Coronado to Cascajal and then back to Coronado again. The price was less than ¢1000 for the two rides.

    Who organized the walk?

    Coronado Joven is a group of people that organizes activities in Coronado. Their main goal is to increase foreigners’ awareness of Coronado’s beauty and increase the overall culture and values of the community.

    Nine people from the organization were responsible for making this walk possible.

    Additionally, some teens from the Academic High School of Cascajal and Colegio Técnico Profesional Vázquez de Coronado helped too.

    In charge of the activity were two partners of Coronado Joven: Laura Barberena and Jean Carlo Arroyo.

    How did the walk go?

    All in all, walkers traveled a total of 10 km; from Cascajal to Montserrat is a distance about five kilometers and then another five returning to Cascajal.

    The route was a gravel path, which was difficult for some to walk. Nevertheless almost 400 people attended including kids with their parents, young couples, and a lot of groups of adults.

    It was apt for practically all ages, unless you are a pet. Dogs were not allowed on the walk due to the temperature and the length of the trip.

    During the walk you could see two or three rivers and waterfalls depending on how deep you ventured into the river.

    Who else attended the activity?

    Not all who did this travel went walking. There were a lot of cyclists who went to Montserrat too, along with motorcyclists other riders.

    Some individuals joined the walk along the way and made it more fun.

    Especially exciting for the animal lovers: cows, horses, a donkey, cats, chickens and few dogs made this trip on their own. Plus as cultural as Coronado is, the walk was also a great opportunity for photography.

    In town Montserrat was waiting with a welcome party filled with a lot of food, drinks and music.

    Why walk?

    The non-profit Coronado Joven, organizes walks all the year.

    Alejandro Oviedo Ramirez, one of the Coronado Joven collaborator said:

    [quote_center]“We organizes some other activities like walks with pets, training workshops, elderly events, soccer championships, and we participate in the inter-institutional commissions in Coronado, etc.” [/quote_center]

    If you are interested in the activities Coronado Joven organizes, you can follow them in Facebook via the Coronado Joven page or the Isidro Coronado profile. More information can also be requested by email: [email protected].

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