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    Biologists Revived an Ice Age Plant: It Is About 32,000 Years Old

    In 2012, a team of Russian scientists led by the biologist Svetlana Yashina achieved a milestone for botany —and science, in general

    Oxford Study Suggests Artificial Intelligence Could Cause Human Extinction

    To answer this question, scientists from Google and Oxford have carried out a study with which they have concluded that it is "likely"

    Costa Rican Free Zone Chosen as the Best in America

    “This series of recognitions is one more guarantee of our commitment to support the successful operation of our clients, who in turn

    How to Enable Your Business for the New Digital Age

    It is known that business and the way in which the human being buys or sells has changed in recent years and has been migrating to the new digital era,

    What Is Egosurfing and How Can It Help Protect Personal Information on the Internet?

    Whatever the subject is, on the Internet you will always find information of all kinds; you can even get to find personal information

    One Third of the World Population Is Still without Internet Access in 2022

    A third of the world's population remains without internet in 2022 and the pace of new connections has slowed, according to the latest

    5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is ImpactingHealthcare Services

    Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and the Digital Gateway have a key role in the evolution that health services are having after the pandemic.

    Upskilling and Reskilling: A Winning Relationship between Companies and Their Collaborators

    Faced with such a changing world, upskilling and reskilling have become basic tools for Human Resources (HR), since through them

    Entrepreneurship Connects Students With The World Of Virtual Reality

    Can you imagine combating student dropout and promoting interest in technology thanks to virtual reality headsets?

    Costa Rica Will Create 5G Laboratories Under the New Telecommunications Plan

    Costa Rica's telecommunications development plan will include the creation of 5G laboratories, deputy telecommunications minister Orlando Vega Quesada confirmed.
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    Tax on Air Tickets Will Only Affect National Tourists, Confirms Rodrigo Chaves

    If you like to go outside the country, without a doubt this news must not have gone down well.
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